Big Law IS Broken…further thoughts

The last time I was laid off (in 2001) there was BIG talk of everyone moving home to work-virtual offices-no more snow days because you’d wake up and be IN your office.  Great news for moms and dads, and people who do their best work in the buff-just great news all around.  And then it never really came to fruition.  Sounds like some lawyers are now making a go of it.  The idea is great-I’m just not sure how well it plays out.  In related news, I’ve heard about a few people losing their office jobs only to be hired back as freelance which means they don’t have health insurance or other benefits.  I could see this ‘home’ trend expanding if it includes freelancers.

Recession Sends Lawyers Home –


More thoughts from another blog regarding yesterday’s Post article.  The Repricing post has it my less than expert opinion.

Risky Business Blog on Big Law Firm Model


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