Worse than Madoff…

dsc02896My parents are currently attending this trial in Richmond, VA.  They are one of the many couples who were ripped off by this thief.  What makes the case a little more interesting…or depressing…is that Edward Okun has a public defender.  Apparently he has run through ALL of the money he stole.  And that’s actually more money than the $132 million number…that number is just whats missing and not covered by new business…how much he siphoned out has not been talked about…only the $132 Million thats missing…the $132 million that people like my parents are likely to never see again.  The people watching this case…the people Okun stole from weren’t millionaires…these people were Mom and Pop businesses…these people didn’t take mortgages they couldn’t afford or spend beyond their means…Okun stole their money and we’re hoping for justice sooner rather than later.  The fact that they didn’t even present a defense kind of freaks me out though.

Nation & World | Jury hears closing arguments in Va trial of Miami man accused in $132M fraud scheme | Seattle Times Newspaper.


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