StRiP cLuB oR lAw ScHoOl? ReAl HoUsEwIvEs Of Nj SaYs StRiP cLuB/cAr WaSh!

I think this clip sums it up nicely…you HAVE to love a mother who thinks ‘street smarts’ are more important than book learning.  Also, is it me or does she seem more excited about her son opening a strip club than her other son going to college and law school? I can’t wait to see more!  A family where the black sheep is the one who went to law school is going to be AMAZING to watch.  Only in NJ!  It’s like she wants her son to have ever STD he possibly can!  So sweet.  Also, what a freaking catch!  I mean, talk about making the best of a busted economy!  He’s going to work those strippers migrant workers!  Maybe I can be one of the stripper/car wash employees!  I’ve been sleeping more than 12 hours a day since I get laid off-I’m all caught up so it’s time to work some 72 hour shifts in durty jerz!!   And obviously, they can’t be open on Sunday!  Everything in freaking NJ shuts the fuck down on Sunday…most annoying thing EVER.  The state seriously looks like a ghost town.  OMG I’m so excited for this show!  Time to bust out my I ❤ NJ T-shirt!  

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