Eat Like the Pres



at least in Hawaii…if you have a job and are looking for a vacation, it’s actually pretty cheap to go to Hawaii…at least as far as vacations to Hawaii go.  I was lucky enough to visit Oahu and Maui in the fall…when I was living high off the hog with champagne wishes and caviar dreams…aka when I had a job and wasn’t on the dole.  It just so happens that I’ve eaten at three of these places!  Barack and I just have SO much in COMMON!  We ate at Indigo our first night in Oahu and it was fabulous.  I highly recommend it…and the rest of the list ain’t so bad neither.  

Eat at Obama’s favorite Hawaii restaurants –

I can’t wait to see what DC spots he takes to.  I know he’s a fan of Mexican so my Washingtonian friends and I are taking bets as to which restaurante mexicana he takes a shine to.  Guapos is a personal favorite of mine but other bets are on Cactus Cantina (which is located a few blocks from Sidwell where the girls go to school) and  Rosa Mexicana.  Any tipsters out there want to weigh in?  Shed a little light?

Loco Moco...only for the brave but totes a cheap eat!Loco Moco from Aloha Plate in Lahaina in Maui.  Rice, egg, hamburger patty, and loads of gravy.  Perhaps this is the Hawaiian great-grandfather of the McGangBang.


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