Dream Job: Talent Scout?




As someone who is overly critical of everything/everyone around her, this might be a winner por moi!  This article pretty much flies in the face of everything else I’ve read about the recruiting industry but I guess it makes sense that as the few companies with open spots are being indudated with three times the amount of job applicants, they need some help spotting the keepers and the losers…oh-sorry-less qualified applicants-which is pretty much everyone since you’ve got former CEOs, lawyers, and grad schoolers applying for everything from UPS delivery man to receptionist.  Good times.  Anyhoo, I also LOVE the idea of “hunting for game-changing stars”…sounds so Predator…so carnal.  Love it!  Unfortch I’m pretty sure the reality is that it’s a lot of paper fights just like lawyering.  Either way, sounds like an intersting gig…and I’m happy to hear this industry is still alive and thriving in areas since everything I’ve been reading implied that recruiters themselves were job hunting for other careers.   

The Secrets of the Talent Scouts – NYTimes.com.


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