Bed Bugs vs. Sexual Predators

With my limited legal knowledge regarding landlord/tenant issues, I’ve been trying to help a local friend who has a bed bug issue.  He recently moved into a new place, unpacked all of his stuff, woke up a few mornings later with a bunch of angry welts and feeling very violated.  He contacted his landlord immediately but wasn’t able to get in touch with her for a few days and, naturally, freaked out in the interim and contact his only two lawyer friends for help.  Poor bastard-his other legal friend has a real legal job and is unable to help in…enter moi.  

Naturally the first place I looked for information was the internet…and it was the last place…I still shudder at the pictures…and the internet has shown me some pictures in my day…  There are so many forums devoted to this one subject!  Pictures, testimonials, youtube videos by comedians, questions, commenter fights, ads for mattress guards-you name it, it’s there!  Did you know that the New York City Council just established an advisory board for bed bugs?  Did you know that you can get bed bugs while traveling?  And bring them home in your luggage?  Do you know that there is no hope and there are no answers?  There are no chemicals that can really kill them and no community that can stand up against them…even Maya Rudolph’s SoHo loft had them!  

But I would have to say that the most troubling thing I found was the MAP… there is a map…oh god there is a map…and it shows you all of reported bed bug infestations in your neighborhood…needless to say, NYC looks like a blood bath compared to the other cute city maps.  Only look at this map if you can quickly forget about it before bed time: 

The Bed Bug Registry

So of course I can’t sleep or even look at my bed now…but this map also reminded me of another map I haven’t looked at since moving to my new neighborhood…the Registered Sex Offender Map!  Not sure how many of you are aware of it, but there is a map of all the registered sex offenders in your area.  You go to this website, type in your location and it poops out this frighteningly interactive map: 

The Family Watchdog

So I have a poll for my readers…all two of you (Hi MoM!)…which is more frightening?  


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