Still Homophobic after all these years…

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The NY Times is reporting that City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn, who was the Irish American Person of the Year in 2008, will, once again NOT be marching in the Fifth Avenue Parade.  She was invited to march in the parade a few years back but was told she could not wear anything or show anything that might imply she was gay…so basically she was invited to march but only if she pretended to be something she’s not.  Every year since she has invited the parade organizers to talk about this ongoing issue and every year they have refused to respond.  I’ve boycotted the parade ever since I’ve moved here for exactly this reason.  It’s beyond unconscionable that they would deny gays and lesbians the right to march.  Aren’t they every bit as Irish-American as the rest of us?  Don’t cry for Quinn-she’ll be celebrating in DC tonight at the White House with the Prime Minister of Ireland.  


Quinn to Celebrate St. Patrick\’s Day in DC

Which reminds me, Obama’s a wee bit Irish!  


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