Fired over a Fish Sandwich…how low can you go?






Article from the NY Times that details a growing trend.  Companies are firing people for things like misconduct so they won’t have to pay unemployment benefits.  Ralph Reese’ s story is disgusting and I hope that Whole Foods has to do more than just pay his unemployment.  But I’m not sure if you can get more damages for having been wrongly denied a benefit…but the bottomline is that more employers are making it harder for employees to collect unemployment.  I was luckly-when my office decided to give me the heave-ho, it was because they were eliminating my position which is a green light to unemployment.  So make sure you check the rules for receiving unemployment in your area before you poop on your boss’s desk.  

Fired Over a Tuna Sandwich, and Fighting Back – City Room Blog –


2 thoughts on “Fired over a Fish Sandwich…how low can you go?”

  1. I was listening to a story on Bob Edwards Weekend back in February on the Family Medical Leave Act. They interviewed a woman who worked for Whole Foods (though she never actually named her employer, one could make an assumption). She was bleeding in the store and was brought to the emergency room by ambulance and they wrote her up for leaving her shift without contacting a supervisor and refused to pay her sick time.

  2. The more I learn about Whole Foods, the angrier I get. Sounds like they are a pretty unconscionable employer. Hopefully those wrongfully dismissed will fight them and get the unemployment they deserve. I think that’s what really gets my goat-is that it’s just unemployment! We’re not talking a severance package or anything else…Unreal.

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