An argument in favor of creative loafing

Relax and take it inI’ve read this article before (even though they have edited and reprinted it this week) and thought that it made some interesting and very valid points…especially about how quickly you realize how little you need so many of the things you spend the most money on.  

At most full-time jobs I’ve had, my first thought upon the close of the workday was to get to the nearest bar and drink until the previous eight hours had been permanently obliterated from my memory. Hence, happy hour. This can run up quite a bar tab, especially after several months of building up a tolerance (not to mention the hard miles on your liver). I also ate out every single day, often two or three times, both because I had no time to cook and also because after sitting in a windowless room for eight hours and then in traffic for two more, I was so understimulated that I needed sensation, any sensation. Heroin would have been ideal, but most of the time I settled for Taco Bell. Same with intermittent shopping sprees. When you’re miserable, you buy things. It’s the American Way; whatever your problem, there’s a product that can solve it. Have a bad day? Buy some jeans! Just realize that your best years are a distant memory? Buy a big car! This is why a lot of people who make six figures still live check to check—perhaps this 50-inch plasma screen/Louis Vuitton bag/waterfront condo will make my soul hurt less?

I also love the idea of this guy sending a boss who fired him flowers with his first unemployment check…with a lewd drawing of course.  

Doing More With Less – Cover Story – Washington City Paper.


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