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Coverage of the earmarks in the new Omnibus Spending Bill.  First, most of the earmarks they mentioned on the show seem pretty necessary.  I know the pig pollution one sounds funny…but if you have EVER been ANYWHERE near a pig farm, you KNOW that’s a serious issue.  The run off from pig farms is way toxic but they have been some great strides in learning out to contain and even reuse it.  That’s my 2 cents.  Also WHO DOESN’T LOVE SEA TURTLES?  I’d rather throw a couple million at them than at foreign wars that just further entrench us in conflicts we can’t solve and erode our relationships with foreign powers.
Also, the Lindsey Graham thing is priceless…Turtles before a convention center.  Come one.  And the George Carlin tie in is brilliant.  Speaking of, I need to start cleaning and get rid of some of my boyfriend’s shit so I can make more room for my stuff.


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