Umm…what if I can’t even figure out what personality I am?

Maybe I want to be this guy...because I'm social and artistic and like being tall...

So CNN and Career Builder have slapped together this little list of personalities and jobs that match!  ACES!  I LOVE that \”What Color Is Your Parachute\ kind of crap…(note to self…read “What Color is Your Parachute…no excuses…you totes have the time…and March weather is crappy) and no one’s parachute seems to be functioning in this economy…  The problem for moi is that I feel like I’m a little of each of these personalities…until I get to the jobs.  Also, what is a “perfumer”?  Is that like those guys that sell incense on the F train?  

So basically this list doesn’t get me any closer to my dream job…but it is interesting to see what these peeps make…supposedly.  

Does your career fit your personality? –


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