SURE! We’ll take it back…plus interest of course

sad flowers in rain at train stationApparently some banks are balking at the rules and restrictions the fed is placing on the bailout money.  They don’t like the fact that Congress and regulators can impose new rules as they see fit and worry that it will keep weaker banks afloat when really they are doomed to failure.  The rules and restrictions are a result of the increasing public ‘outrage’ over the bailout.  As a member of the public at large, I tend to agree with the ‘outrage’.  If banks don’t want to follow these rules, then don’t take the money.  Clearly if you can choose NOT to take the money, you don’t really need it.  The bailout money should be a last resort.  This isn’t something to cushion coffers…this is a stopgap.  I’m getting unemployment and take all of the restrictions that come with that government subsidy…if they want me to fill out a survey, I fill it out!  

Some Banks, Citing Strings, Want to Return Aid –


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