Suhweet Justice!


Hollar!  The Obama Administration is gearing up to go after all sorts of financial fraud!  Amen.  My parents were the victims of a Ponzi scheme but, unlike most of the Madoff victims, the victims in my parents’ case are Mom and Pop businesses and middle-class homeowners.  Their story hasn’t gotten much press because of all of the other fraud cases that have come to light and the bigger names and amounts involved.  And their story is also a real estate fraud but not of the mortgage variety.  The important thing is that we bring sweet and swift justice!  Actually, I don’t even care if it’s swift-I just want thorough!  I want them to leave no stone unturned!  Find every man, woman, and child who committed or assisted with these frauds and schemes and make them pay!  It would also totally be great if we could get some of the money back.  Hey-here’s a thought!  These people are probably the only ‘rich’ people in America right now…so just find out who’s shopping and spending the G’s and bring them in for questioning!  

Prosecutors Plan an Attack on Financial Fraud –


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