Oh Nos! There are under 1,000 billionaires now!




That MUST be one of the seven seals, right?  Maybe the one about martyrdom? or famine?  (Or bowls being full or not full?  I wish I could post that Enigma song right now…)  

Moving on.  Billionaires went big and LOST big-especially Uncle Warren who’s always held a soft spot in my heart for donating most of his wealth…actually…so I guess that means the real losers here are the foundations he’s supposed to be leaving all this wealth to.  Le sigh.  On the one hand, it’s a crap ton of money these high rollers lost.  On the other hand, it seems like most of them are still sitting on pretty big piles o’cash so it’s hard to really feel for the bastards.  Also, can someone PLEASE explain where all the money went?  Is it ALL in China and Brazil?  Is THAT what happened?  I mean, someone has to be getting rich in all this…  It sure as shit ain’t me.  

BBC NEWS | Business | Rich list hit by economic crisis.


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