Now THIS is a Cover Letter

Not sure if this cover letter will land anyone a job but it’s a brilliant and funny idea…two adjectives rarely seen in conjunction with ‘cover letter’.  The applicant takes all of his rejection letter lemons and turns them into cover letter lemonade.  Stroke of genius.  

I would have to say cover letters are my LEAST favorite thing in the world.  If I could hire someone to write them for me I would.  Any takers?  I’m actually not bad at writing them for other people…I just can’t stand to do it for myself.  Le sigh.  


Cover Letter ATL


2 thoughts on “Now THIS is a Cover Letter”

  1. I think it is always easier to write a cover letter for someone else. Despite my obvious vanities, I sometimes feel uncomfortable flaunting it infront of potential employers. This link made me laugh which was an amazing break from the cover letter process.

  2. Amen sisterfriend, amen. I LOVE this cover letter. It has become my happy place in this shit storm of a job hunt.

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