File this under “R U Shittin’ Me?”: Banks Didn’t Pay Into FDIC Coffers From 1996 To 2006




Who knew politicians were such optimists?  Apparently most banks didn’t have to pay into the FDIC from 1996 to 2006 because officials at the time thought “the good times would last and that bank failures would not be a problem”…

I really don’t understand the logic behind this…it’s like banks charging poor people to keep their money in the bank and giving rich people money back!  The banks were FLUSH-go and get what they OWE.  It’s not like the IRS says to me “You know what…actually…we’re doing pretty good this year…I don’t think we’re going to need your money.  This year is on us.”  And you know why that is?  Because the IRS knows better!  They knew that THIS year would come…that the good times would NOT keep going for me and that I would need unemployment!  So why are they surprised that banks suddenly need money?  The banks are just like me!  I am the bank!  The bank is me!  And neither one of us saved up for this day because we had you FDIC!  And stupid Congress.  Not to sound like a crazy c-o-n-spiracy person, but this HAS to be the result of some SERIOUS lobbying.  Not charging fees to banks is not an idea Congress or the FDIC came up with on their own…Any of Abramoff’s dirty little prints on this?  The timeline fits but I’d hope they’ve turned over every rock by now.  Who knows?  They might have been too busy telling banks to forget about the fees!

Fdic: Banks Didn’t Pay Into FDIC Coffers From 1996 To 2006.


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