New Guilty Pleasure







It’s funny because it’s true…especially 28 and 21.  I freaking love sleeping late.  I love knowing that I am getting a few more hours in while the rest of the city is cramming onto a packed subway car and trying to chug down some caffeine.   It’s my guilty pleasure and so is this site.  I also laught a little everytime my former boss’s stocks slip…which has been pretty much everyday so far.  Le sigh.  It’s the simple things…when you’re life has been simplified due to circumstances beyond your control.  


Stuff Unemployed People Like.


2 thoughts on “New Guilty Pleasure”

    1. Well aware it’s a riff on “Stuff White People Like” but it’s still pretty funny…and true. There is pretty much a “Stuff ___ People Like” for every group out there now so why not the largest growing number of Americans?
      Thanks for commenting.

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