I didn’t realize people still worked at AOL (“I can check EMAIL!”)






Sure…according to a casual poll I’ve been taking for the past 10 years, it’s mostly Moms that have been keeping AOL afloat but even my mom now has a gmail account…that she checks through her AOL browser.  I can’t imagine how depressing it must be to work at AOL.  They have been laying people off since the LAST time I was laid off in 2001!  That’s 8+ years on a sinking ship!  That has GOT to take a toll.  The last time I was out near their offices in Dulles it was like a ghost town.  How do you muster up the energy to go to work in the morning?  I mean seriously, you’re watching your numbers dwindle for almost a DECADE?  And they can’t seriously think that the product they are supporting is going anywhere…are they getting new subscribers?  Are they just staying afloat to support the Moms?  What new projects could they possibly be working on?  

AOL Layoffs In Progress (TWX).


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