Stealth Layoffs: the rules or lack thereof

While news of wide spread layoffs at companies across America make headlines everyday, there is an emerging loophole in layoff laws that allows employers to conduct unannounced or stealth layoffs that catch employees by surprise and allow the companies to avoid all the negative media attention. By conducting smaller layoffs, companies like IBM are able fire employees while assuring the rest of the company and the Street that things are fine.  Smaller and more targeted layoffs are not as heavily regulated by federal and state laws, which often provide notice requirements for layoffs of a certain size. Notice, which can sometimes be up to 60 days, helps employees mitigate damages, look for work and figure out what their next step is.  It’s an interesting article that everyone should read-no matter where you work.  I had no notice before my job was eliminated and was honestly shocked.  I didn’t see it coming.  But my employer made no false assurances, as IBM seems to have.  While some states like California and New York have tighter laws, many states don’t and it’s important to know what the laws are where you live.

Unannounced Layoffs Hit Workers by the Thousands –


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