Ignore Doom and Gloom? CNN FAIL

Storm comin'So CNN says “Ignore the Doom and Gloom!” errr and particular the seriously dark news that’s coming out tomorrow about the unemployment rate 😀  Forget about it!  Concentrate on changing your career so that it falls neatly into health care, education, government, or agriculture.  That sounds so easy!  Oh and you should be ‘flexible’ too.  And move to the South!  Apparently they’ve finally recovered from all the carpet bagging and the War of Northern Aggression and are rich with jobs that they want to share with Yankees and people from square states.  Oh wait-then the article says, yes the south but not South Carolina or Florida…and that you should move to North Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas and Oklahoma.  Well sure!  Those states are great!  That seems perfectly reasonable!  I should totally move there for a job.  Oh wait…now the article says to ignore location and concentrate on making your self seem ‘unique’ and focus on your ‘core skills’.  Well, that’s the problem see…I don’t have core skills for a job in health care, education, or agriculture.  This article is awesome.  Thanks for the GREAT advice CNN.  The only thing this article shows me is that the ‘experts’ giving out advice are just as confused, lost, and scared as the rest of us.  I also read another article today that said even recruiters are now passing out their resumes.  Aces!

To find a job, ignore doom-and-gloom news, experts say – CNN.com.

What’s even more hysterical is that EVERY OTHER FREAKING ARTICLE under jobs is DOOM AND GLOOM.  This is literally the next article below the above on the website: 

Worst is yet to come for job market

Thanks CNN!


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