I’m sort of a big deal…and so is my nose

The Single Blogger Mixer was the bees knees.  Open vodka bar AND at Pete Wentz’s NY outpost!  It’s always fun to see the eyeliner crowd trying to mix with the Geek Squad.  I was fitting into neither category lst night but that’s the beautiful thing about vodka…it doesn’t ask what crowd you belong to…it just asks to belong to you.  Thanks vodka.  It was a blogger-filled fun time!  See if you can spot the Brooklyn Real World Cast Members! Check out the pictures: 

Guest of a Guest Pictures from the event

Driven By Boredom pictures

Also be SURE to check out Matt and Jen’s most AWESOME blog: 

The Music Slut

Original Post: 

All the Single Bloggers

Well, really just one-for all the Single Bloggers!  Or people who like single bloggers!  Or blogs!  Or the Internet!  Or OPEN BARS:

All the Single Bloggers

Tuesday, March 3rd, 9:30pm

Angels and Kings
E 11th St
New York, NY

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