Mo’ jobs fo’ Mo’ Menthz?

Interesting article from Slate Magazine about the not-so-new Stimulus plan and the gender gap.  The article asks why the new administration didn’t allocate more funds for female dominated sectors of the economy like child care, education and social services.  Personally, I think women need to put some hard hats on and get out there and break down the gender walls in the work place themselves.  There’s nothing wrong with providing funds for construction and other male dominated industries if there’s a call for it…and I think there will be…and those fields aren’t discriminating against women.  It’s up to women to break into those fields and, frankly, most women chose not to.  Where are our generation’s Rosie the Riveters.  Funding for new construction has pretty much stopped from what I gather and, as the daughter of a carpenter, I know that economic down-turns are murder on industries like construction and home building.  Another note…construction workers are not all unionized…most aren’t.  In New York, a non-union construction site will typically have a huge blow-up rat outside of it.  Carpenters, Electricians, and Plumbers and other skilled workers are almost always unionized.  A LOT of construction workers are non-union who will work for less and for no benefits.  Hopefully the new plan takes this into account and allocates money for union workers rather than allowing construction companies to pick the cheapest labor.  As someone who lived three blocks from one of the crane’s that collapsed in Midtown, I think the more oversight there is on construction sites…the better.

One thought on “Mo’ jobs fo’ Mo’ Menthz?”

  1. I think part of this is that if you look at the industries that women dominate, (childcare, healthcare, education, social services, etc.) you’ll notice that these are not industries that are “luxurious” or “non-essential.” The exceptions to this is food service and fashion…..but the day we start to bale out the fashion industry…..sheesh.

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