File this under “DEPRESSING”


This Cat is NOT dead...just really relaxed

Next stop on the Bad News Bus, apparently there is a new labor trend where people who used to work in management and professional fields have taken “survival jobs” as janitors and UPS delivery men after being laid off.  Aces! 

I’ve noticed that the job requirements for even lowly Admin jobs (always a decent fall back in tough times) here in NYC have jumped from “four year degree preferred” to four year degree and above mandatory”.  It’s troubling but the idea of working at a Verizon store is even more depressing…but liquor store…now that’s a place I could see myself…maybe slowly working my way up the liquor ladder to management…and maybe…just maybe…after years of hard work and building up an excellent reputation, I could get into liquor distribution!  I’m not even kidding when I say that liquor distributor has always been one my dream jobs.  I really don’t’ know anything about it except that everyone I know who’s been a ‘liquor distributor’ has been rich as Croesus.  I’d like to bite me off a piece of that action.  And, let’s be honest, liquor is something I kind of know a little bit about.  Along with my JD, I pretty much got a PhD in sauce (and I ain’t talkin’ BBQ).  Speaking of, I think there’s snow falling so it’s time for me to get my blizzard on.    

Forced From Executive Pay to Hourly Wage –


Mark Penn looks at this trend as it pertains to the professional fields and it’s even more depressing.  At one point he actually instructs the reader to look at the homeless and imagine their lawyers there…Yay!  Happy Monday.  

Laid-off Lawyers and Other Professionals


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