Clutter Crutches…I use many


This site is awesome for organizing and making the most of little spaces (totally have to check out the home office section for more ideas if you’re looking!) and, like the author, I too hate clutter (she says as she types from a desk next to two huge cardboard boxes leftover from last month’s move).  What better time than a snow day to declutter!  Just thought I’d post this for people who might also be looking to attack their clutter and other crutches….and I might start using “terriffic” and “Wonderful”.  

Unclutterer » Archive » Let go of your clutter crutches.

Here’s another post from Dumb Little Man on actually cleaning clutter from your home/office:

5 Simple Steps 

And here’s a list of things bringing you down in your office space: 

10 Ways to Create a Work Environment that Brings you Down


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