Hate Your Job? Can’t Quit? Maybe this can help…

Adrift?Very short article with 5 super quick tips to help you cope with a less than ideal job situation.  I’ve been there…Momo is totally there right now and I believe this list can really help.  I have so many friends who are working longer and hating their jobs more and more which is only natural when you have less and less time for your self, your family, and your friends.  Exercise is the best way to relieve stress so make sure you take at least a little time for yourself.  It keeps you focused and your mind clear-exercise has even been shown to increase brain function.  It’s a win-win!  You feel better about yourself, your day, and everything that follows.  The other point I would stress is to take at least a little time-even if it’s just once a week-to figure out what you want to do next and find a better job.  I HATE job hunting, I HATE cover letters, and I HATE resumes-but if you’re hatred of your job is worse than your hatred of these tasks, they become easy to do!  The week before I was laid off, I retooled my resume, dug up an old cover letter, and put a list of jobs together off Idealist.org.  I actually enjoyed doing it all because it reminded me that there are other jobs out there and that I’ve got a decent resume and mad skillz.  It also helped me clarify what I really hated about my job (most everything), what I loved (my coworkers), and what I should avoid in the future (jobs with no direct, no growth, or that depend on the manic throws of the stock market for existence).

5 Tips For Loving a Job You Hate – On Careers (usnews.com).


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