A day in the life of…a Health Inspector?

Anyone ever read George Orwell’s “Down and Out in Paris and London”?  If you love eating at little neighborhood restaurants, don’t ever read it.  If, however, you’re trying to cut down on that sort of thing, this book will keep you out of restaurants for months…maybe years…maybe even life.  I read the book when I was living in London and flat broke.  PERFECT time to read it.  I couldn’t afford anything other than pints so I got a cheap thrill out of  reading about what happens in the kitchens where the bourgeoisie eat.

This got me thinking recently…now that I’m back to eating in such restaurants (gulp)…naturally those sorts of things only happen across the pond in dirty towns like London and Paris…nothing like that could happen here in America where we have health standards and guidelines for food preparation, right?  Enter this article about the proposed Health Department Grades in Restaurants.  It starts off following a lowly health inspector.  That must truly be the most thankless job in the entire world.  Customers want you to make sure the place is safe to eat but don’t want you to be so strict that their favorite dinning establishments are closed down.  And owners REALLY can’t stand you because you cost them thousands of dollars every visit.  Anyhoo, it’s an interesting article about the inspectors and politics behind this new proposal.  Helped me cross health inspector off my list of possible jobs 😀

Plan to Post Health Dept. Grades in Restaurants Gets Mixed Reviews – NYTimes.com.


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