How to manage your nickles and dimes

Magnetic Field

As someone who just found out she owes taxes (talk about adding insult to injury-no job AND I owe $1000 to the feds) for the first time EVER in all her life, this list really could have helped me out…last year…when I had a job.  

It’s still pretty helpful for those in a position to ‘manage money’…mine’s managed pretty thin right now…  It’s nothing Suze Orman hasn’t told you before but it’s slightly less conservative than her lists are and that probably makes it a little more doable.  One of the best things about getting laid off is that you finally have time and the strength of character and no excuses when dealing with financial issues.  You’re forced to crunch a lot of numbers awful fast to figure out if you can coast for awhile on unemployment or if it’s time to take to the pole (does that qualify as self employment as far as your unemployment goes?)  If you’ve done all the homework here and started saving, you should be in a much better spot…you could be one of those lucky people who actually gets to take a vacation instead of crying into their ceral the next day.  

10 Essential Money Skills for a Bad Economy


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