Health: “Affordable” Health Insurance Can End Up Costing Big Bucks

dsc_2011I’m always tres skeptical of insurance…especially when it’s labeled “affordable”.  Every car insurance plan I looked at that claimed to be “affordable” had hidden fees, a super high deductible, or had huge gaps in coverage that made them near useless in the event that you got into an accident…which is the main reason you get car insurance.  Typically, you never know how good your insurance is until you use it.  Health insurance is not a place people most people can afford to be cut costs since it will come back to bite them in the ass the minute an emergency happens and yet it is often the most expensive monthly payment unemployed or freelance workers have to make outside of housing costs.  If you’re recently unemployed and your company offers COBRA, check out my previous Suze Orman post-the new stimulus package provides that your employer has to cover 65% of your COBRA costs which makes it a much cheaper option than many of the individual plans available.

Health: “Affordable” Health Insurance Can End Up Costing Big Bucks.


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