Ecomigration = New Zealand?

Another article about the Dust Bowl?  Kind of?  I’d LOVE to move to New Zealand but never thought to move there because of the climate.  Crazy!  Also, why would you move to New Zealand from Montgomery County MD?  It’s no where near the ocean or the Mississippi River.  The only river it’s near is the Potomac and it’s in no danger of flooding.

Despite all the ribbing the New Zealand gets on Flight of the Conchords, I’ve know for a bit that it’s an amazing place to live and has an incredible environmental track record.  They harness geothermal energy, recycle, and do everything we should be doing here in the states.  I get it.  But is it me, or does this Dad seem a wee bit…on the edge?  It’s like he saw “Day After Tomorrow”, and started packing up his family.  Just seems like a rather extreme gamble since there’s no telling what the environment is going to be doing and where in a century…although…working at NASA…maybe he knows something I don’t…after all, I’m totes not a Rocket Scientist.

Climate Fears Are Driving \”Ecomigration\”


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