New Job: Rock Climbing…not so much

My latest bit of joblessness, I’ve been daydreaming a bit more than usual…about other jobs and careers.  I used to rock climb…and by that I mean the random wall here and there at rock climbing clubs and a couple outdoor rock scrambles here and there…I realized that I can’t climb over 100 ft…don’t know why that’s my magic number…for for some reason it is.  Not like I couldn’t die from a fall from 80 or lower.  Duh.  Anyhoo, this is a beautiful video but it still made me kind of puke in my mouth a little bit just thinking about being that high.  So yeah…I can safely cross rock climbing professionally off my list-although this woman is beautiful and graceful.  Amazing.


Hate Your Job? Can’t Quit? Maybe this can help…

Adrift?Very short article with 5 super quick tips to help you cope with a less than ideal job situation.  I’ve been there…Momo is totally there right now and I believe this list can really help.  I have so many friends who are working longer and hating their jobs more and more which is only natural when you have less and less time for your self, your family, and your friends.  Exercise is the best way to relieve stress so make sure you take at least a little time for yourself.  It keeps you focused and your mind clear-exercise has even been shown to increase brain function.  It’s a win-win!  You feel better about yourself, your day, and everything that follows.  The other point I would stress is to take at least a little time-even if it’s just once a week-to figure out what you want to do next and find a better job.  I HATE job hunting, I HATE cover letters, and I HATE resumes-but if you’re hatred of your job is worse than your hatred of these tasks, they become easy to do!  The week before I was laid off, I retooled my resume, dug up an old cover letter, and put a list of jobs together off  I actually enjoyed doing it all because it reminded me that there are other jobs out there and that I’ve got a decent resume and mad skillz.  It also helped me clarify what I really hated about my job (most everything), what I loved (my coworkers), and what I should avoid in the future (jobs with no direct, no growth, or that depend on the manic throws of the stock market for existence).

5 Tips For Loving a Job You Hate – On Careers (

Job Vent: Vent/Rave about your job and find out what other employees are saying

I’ve seen sites like this for law firms but never a site that was so broad in scope!  I think it’s a brilliant idea.  It’s one thing to look at stats for a potential employer when trying to figure out if you’re a good match but this can take you much deeper!  Being able to read  employees’ testimonials about how much they love or hate their jobs and employers is pretty pimp.  I can’t wait to have a possible employer to look up!  I haven’t done much digging so let me know what y’all think.

JobVent – I Love My Job – I Hate My Job – Read Job Reviews and Rate Your Job.

Travel Porn: Paris

Mais Oui

On this cold grey day in Brooklyn, it’s hard not to let the mind wander and ponder other places I’d rather be right now…and then I came across this gridskipper of Brasseries in Paris.  Gridskipper might officially be reading my mind.  Earlier this week they detailed all the best irish bars in San Fran RIGHT when I was thinking-where the fuck am I going to drink this St. Patrick’s day?  Brilliant!  Anyhoo, day-dreaming about travel is something I do regardless of my environment.  I do it in the office, at home, on the subway, while hiking, walking in the park-it just happens.  I think about travel almost as much as men think about sex…once every six seconds.  So here’s my first installment of Travel Porn.  I can’t actually afford to travel anywhere but that doesn’t mean I can’t think about it…all the time!

Gridskipper: The Stunning Brasseries of Paris.

Things I Now Have Time to Do: Part 1

There are so many ‘projects’ (like this blog) that I haven’t done before because I lacked time and space.  Now that I’ve got all the time in the world AND twice as much space, there’s nothing stopping me!

I’ve picked this wine board as my first project because a) my fridge is no longer magnetic so I need a place for posting and b) this kid REALLY likes wine…and drinks a lot of it…I’m pretty sure it will take me about two weeks to ‘save up’ enough corks to make this bad boy.  I’ll post updates later when I’ve completed my masterpiece.

Apartment Therapy DC | How To: Make a Bulletin Board from Wine Corks.

A day in the life of…a Health Inspector?

Anyone ever read George Orwell’s “Down and Out in Paris and London”?  If you love eating at little neighborhood restaurants, don’t ever read it.  If, however, you’re trying to cut down on that sort of thing, this book will keep you out of restaurants for months…maybe years…maybe even life.  I read the book when I was living in London and flat broke.  PERFECT time to read it.  I couldn’t afford anything other than pints so I got a cheap thrill out of  reading about what happens in the kitchens where the bourgeoisie eat.

This got me thinking recently…now that I’m back to eating in such restaurants (gulp)…naturally those sorts of things only happen across the pond in dirty towns like London and Paris…nothing like that could happen here in America where we have health standards and guidelines for food preparation, right?  Enter this article about the proposed Health Department Grades in Restaurants.  It starts off following a lowly health inspector.  That must truly be the most thankless job in the entire world.  Customers want you to make sure the place is safe to eat but don’t want you to be so strict that their favorite dinning establishments are closed down.  And owners REALLY can’t stand you because you cost them thousands of dollars every visit.  Anyhoo, it’s an interesting article about the inspectors and politics behind this new proposal.  Helped me cross health inspector off my list of possible jobs 😀

Plan to Post Health Dept. Grades in Restaurants Gets Mixed Reviews –

Are Violent Video Games Adequately Preparing Children For The Apocalypse? | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

This doesn’t really have much to do with job hunting…but I would imagine it has a LOT to do with unemployment since video games are a great escape. And it’s FRIDAY y’all. On a personal note, my boyfriend isn’t any closer to being ready for the apocalypse now than before he played Fallout 3…for a month…Where is his emergency bag?  Swiss Army knife?  Light weight tent?…and he’s HELLA mistaken if he thinks we’re sharing water as we hike upstate away from the angry zombie mobs…but I will share my emergency blanket and canned peas…(note to self…remember to add can opener to emergency bag)

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